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How Family First Chiropractic Eliminates Shoulder Pain in West Omaha, NE

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How Family First Chiropractic Eliminates Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor in West Omaha, NE

Hi, I’m Dr. Joel Marley with Family First Chiropractic, and I am here to show you how we can become your lifetime family wellness solution. gets shoulder sufferers with pain in their shoulder pain across their shoulder pain down in their arms, how they get success with chiropractic adjustments, it first starts with an assessment of the shoulder.

Determining What Type of Shoulder Injury You Have

So we will perform a thorough examination to determine what the cause of the shoulder issue is. If it’s an acute issue, like it’s a recent fall, maybe a volleyball injury, maybe from hanging drywall, those kinds of acute issues, the best thing to do is rest and ice. This way we immobilize the joint stop further damage and decrease the inflammation. Now if it’s a long standing or a chronic shoulder issue we must first determine where the root cause of the shoulder problem is coming from. So we know that the neck is the integral part of connection to the shoulder nerve supply from the cervical spine. Specifically C seven, C six, T one and T two are the most common subluxations of the cervical spine that can radiate pain down and across the shoulder even up into the side of the neck. But if the issue is indeed caused from the shoulder itself, it tends to be more localized inside the shoulder joint. So we thoroughly assess the shoulder joint and the cervical spine to find the root cause.

Shoulder Joint Examination

Now we’ll first start with the unaffected joint. This right side is the affected joint where this patient’s having shoulder pain. So we’ll start by assessing proper motion. I’ll assume that we checked the cervical spine and ruled out that it was not subluxation of the cervical spine through motion palpation, thermography, posture exam and X rays. Then we’ll start by checking the motion of the good shoulder. How does it move in his range of motion? We’re talking 180 degrees range of motion in this ball and socket. Is it moving properly? Does it glide through its range of motion normally? So the good one does demonstrate that, so now we can compare that to the affected side. This side that is eliciting the pain or maybe rotating a rotator cuff of symptomatology where it’s stuck. So we’ll start by checking the affected side and by motioning it, there’s a fixation, which is an indicator of a misalignment of the actual shoulder joint. It hurts when she raises it or hurts when she moves it away from her body. We commonly see that in chronic long standing misalignments of the shoulder tend to pull the shoulder forward and down. We call them the AI so anterior and inferior position, her shoulder is being forced down and it’s being forced forward. So in motion, it’s going to be stuck in that position, it just won’t come back into posterior glide, and it will not allow to raise in this lateral movement away from the body.

Shoulder Adjustment

So once we determine this particular misalignment as an AI for example, I’m going to demonstrate how an adjustment is delivered to the shoulder. So to replace this joint, to restore motion and alignment again, we will gently use the arm in a flexed position by bracing the posterior cuff and then by gliding wherever it’s stuck. Whether it’s here, or in a different spot, there’s an infinite number of planes that the shoulder can be stuck, or we call subluxated. So by delivering an adjustment right here, the adjustment will look similar to this. There’ll be a squeeze as the joint is moved back into its healthy alignment. Now to determine what the cause is, once again we will perform a thorough examination, a detailed consultation and X rays often to find out the alignment of the shoulder.

This is how Family First Chiropractic help so many shoulder pain sufferers with chiropractic adjustments. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Family First Chiropractic

It’s different here. That is something we hear often at Family First Chiropractic, and we take pride in the fact that we are different from many chiropractic offices you may have been in. That certainly doesn’t mean we are the right fit for everyone, but here at Family First Chiropractic, we make an effort to help you know if we are the right fit for you.

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