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How Family First Chiropractic Eliminates Knee Pain in West Omaha, NE

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How Family First Chiropractic Eliminates Knee Pain | Chiropractor in West Omaha, NE

Hi, I’m Dr. Joel Marley with Family First Chiropractic. I’m here to demonstrate how Family First Chiropractic gets such great results with correcting the cause of knee problems. Now, if you’re experiencing pain in your knee you know the knee is a complicated joint. With the nerve supply to the knee, for pain to exist, there has to be some sort of inflammatory component to even perceive pain. So our job is to determine where that is coming from.

Lower Lumbar & Pelvis Alignment

First of all, we would start with a thorough examination of the pelvis and lower lumbar spine. So the lower back is indeed the nerve supply, it’s the vital component to supplying healing proprioception of the knee joint. So we start by checking the alignment of the pelvis, the heights of the two hips, and how the legs would touch the ground, walking up and down stairs, maybe bending down, and then checking the nerve supply from the lower lumbar spine. The sacroiliac joint, because you’re experiencing pain that travels maybe down across the knee, that is an indicator that may not be a knee issue but could be a referred pain from the lumbar spine or SI joint. So in this example, we determine that this patient has a true knee issue. Okay, so in our examination we commonly will take X rays, if necessary, to determine the alignment and the stability of the knee. But first I want to demonstrate how an adjustment is delivered as well as the assessment.

Knee Pain Assessment

So by assessing the knee, we’re going to first check how the ligaments are supporting how the structures move. So we will test the lateral and the medial, which means a gentle pressure testing the middle of the knee. So this is the medial meniscus and we’ll apply a light, gentle stretch to test the joint. And in this motion here we noticed that when she stands or walks her toe tends to point out and the pain is directed right to the middle part of the knee. So for this example, a medial meniscus pain, the alignment is showing a wedge. So with a wedge on the medial side this indicates that the joint isn’t swinging, it’s actually veering off to the side. So this motion is relatively easy because it’s already stuck in this position and that elicits pain. Now when I go to check the reciprocal of that, a medial to lateral gentle testing right there, it’s indeed stuck. So adjustments are delivered by contacting the medial part of the femur and directing a force from anterior to lateral to correct the misalignment of the knee and then help this patient’s femur and tibia lineup. So she can get back to doing her supermom, her super workouts, her super CrossFit workouts, whatever it happens to be. So the force is delivered right here, a gentle force, just like that to help these two joints lineup, thus making up the knee work better.

We adjust a lot of knees and help a lot of patients with knee issues! This is how we assess it at Family First Chiropractic, come see us for more information!

Family First Chiropractic

It’s different here. That is something we hear often at Family First Chiropractic, and we take pride in the fact that we are different from many chiropractic offices you may have been in. That certainly doesn’t mean we are the right fit for everyone, but here at Family First Chiropractic, we make an effort to help you know if we are the right fit for you.

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