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TMJ Treatment Chiropractor West Omaha NE Near Me

TMJ Treatment In West Omaha, NE

Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractic can help with more than just lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Chiropractic can address a wide variety of health problems, including TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain.

In a normal functioning jaw, the temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull. Dysfunction in that joint can cause pain in the jaw, trouble chewing, headaches, and neck pain. Often when a person experiences TMJ symptoms, the root cause of the problem relates to issues in the alignment of the jaw joint and misalignments in the cervical spine. These misalignments can contribute to jaw pain and dysfunction.

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Exam includes in-depth whole-body analysis with provider, posture pictures and insight nervous system scans (provided if necessary). Consultation & plan of action will help you understand your care options.

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If you are experiencing TMJ problems, you are not alone. 10-15 million people suffer from TMJ disorders. Proper assessment and chiropractic care can often resolve TMJ issues. When a chiropractor assesses a TMJ case, they look for misalignments in the spine and the jaw joint. Causes of TMJ pain can often include muscle tension, dislocated discs, or even degenerative joint disease. These causes are all related to subluxations or misalignments of the spine. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to detect and correct subluxations of the spine.

Research continues to show that chiropractic can be valuable to those suffering from TMJ disorders. In fact, clinical trials have shown a reduction in jaw pain and mobility of the joint within one month of chiropractic care.

Read this testimonial shared by a patient at Family First Chiropractic who was seeking answers for the jaw pain and migraines that were interrupting her life:

About 2 ½ years ago, I went to my family physician in need of answers. I was having terrible migraines, dizziness, nausea, sinus pain, and, worst of all, my jaw hurt so much! I could barely open my mouth some days. I was diagnosed with TMJ. He gave me some pain pills and told me it would fade away. It never went away; it almost got worse.

I researched it on the internet, and it said I should visit the dentist, so I did. About $400 later, with a mouth guard that didn’t work, I was hopeless. I was missing tons of work because I was in agony.

Finally, my boyfriend told me to go see Dr. Joel. I did and now, about 6 ½ months later, I’m 90% better. I maybe have one migraine a month compared to every day. I hardly ever take pain meds anymore, either. I never realized that the root of my problems was subluxations of my spine. Thanks to Dr. Joel and the FFC team, I now know and understand the beginnings of good health.
-Kelly, age 25

For new patients suffering from jaw pain, the doctor will first consult with you to gather a complete history of your health problems. They will listen to your concerns and ask questions to determine what events or habits in your life might contribute to your specific health challenges. In addition, the doctor will complete a series of chiropractic examinations, including a range of motion of the entire spine and jaw, as well as a postural analysis. Another assessment the doctor can utilize is digital x-rays of the entire spine and jaw. These tests allow the doctor to determine the root cause of the problems discussed during your examination and plan the best course of action to resolve the issue.

How Our TMJ Treatment Plan Works

1. Be Heard
And Understood

Quality time with a health professional, so you can be truly heard and understood, isn’t all that common. We understand that. This is why, on your first visit​, you will meet with one of our doctors and share your health concerns and struggles so we can understand exactly why you are here and what you want to achieve. The doctor will determine what testing is necessary to find the source of your health concerns and answer the biggest question of all: Can Chiropractic Care Help?

2. Discover How We Can Help You

Every new patient should feel like they are making the right decision for their health. This is why our doctors explain what they are looking for in the testing, so our patients know exactly what is going on, instead of just being a bystander. We will share everything we discover from your testing and exams, including if we can help you. In the unfortunate event that we cannot help, our doctors will provide any additional resources they feel would be appropriate to assist you.

3. Achieve Your Health Goals Together

Whether you just want to be out of pain, or you want to get back to golfing without limitations, or you are desperate to get a restful night’s sleep, we will be with you every step of the way.  We’ll achieve your goal​s together.  Recommendations for care will always align with your health goals and what​ steps it will take to get there. We understand that your goals are only reached when both you and your doctor are in alignment with the plan to get you ​exactly where you want to be.

Check Out Our Online Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Bob Kamphaus
Bob Kamphaus
I want to share a Thankful thought. I have been going to see Dr. Jeremiah for the past 2.5 years. I was telling Dr. Jeremiah about my previous weekend of making and serving 900+ meals for a weekend retreat. I told Dr. Jeremiah how Thankful I was for his care which allowed me to be in the kitchen 16 hours. I have been volunteering in kitchen capacities for years. Before being a patient at Family First Chiropractic those volunteer kitchen jobs were hard on me. I looked like an old man, hunched over and dragging. Now, I stand and walk straighter and I have more energy. Thank you Dr. Jeremiah and Family First Chiropractic for working with me!!
Jackie Austin
Jackie Austin
Dr. Joel, Dr. Jeremiah, and the team are great! They are extremely helpful answering all/any questions I have, and they go above and beyond to educate me on my health. Also, within a couple weeks of coming, I saw quite a few improvements in my health!
Mr Normal
Mr Normal
I would like to thank Dr.Joel Marley ,Dr. Jeremiah and the wonderful staff of ladies who have all helped to improve my quality of life all these years (15 years to be precise). I’ve been a construction worker since a teenager and I’m now middle age. Weekly chiropractic care has kept me pushing forward through all the aches and pains of life. I recommend chiropractic to anyone when the topic comes up and would certainly recommend Family First Chiropractic in Omaha Nebraska!
mary J. ruskamp
mary J. ruskamp
I’ve been coming to Family First for almost 2 years. I started with a pinched nerve in my arm and that was fixed pretty fast. I’d had surgery for that some years ago and was afraid I would have to do it again but Dr Joel fixed me right up. My back and shoulders ached a lot and that is mostly gone too so I will keep coming to stay healthy I’m so glad I found these people. The staff always have a smile for me and make me feel glad to be there.
Pam Jacobsen
Pam Jacobsen
Everyone is so diligent (and nice) in their jobs. This place goes above and beyond. Taking periodic x-rays to show the progress is excellent! Love Dr. Jeremiah.
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson
I've had chiropractic care before but I have never had as much education about how and why it works. The staff is super friendly and very family oriented. They are focused on not just relieving your pain in the moment but bettering your overall wellness for a lifetime.

Common TMJ Symptoms in Omaha, NE

Jaw Pain

Many people suffering from TMJ disorders indicate they deal with jaw pain, often connected to movements like talking, chewing, and laughing. This acute pain can be caused by recent dental visits, excessive stimulation like gum chewing, or trauma to the head or jaw. Many times, jaw pain can also be accompanied by neck pain and headaches. The alignment of the vertebral bones in the cervical and upper thoracic spine can also cause or contribute to dysfunction in the jaw area. When the uppermost spine bone, called the Atlas, is out of alignment, it can be the source of many of the symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.

Jaw Clenching

Jaw clenching can cause tightness in the muscles around the temporomandibular joint. Many people clench their jaws due to excessive stress or anxiety. Jaw clenching can also contribute to tension headaches. Activities such as practicing yoga or meditation can help decrease tension or stress, but when there are other contributing factors, such as joint misalignments, a chiropractor can help diagnose and treat the cause of jaw clenching. Chiropractic adjustments are proven to help increase the nervous system’s function, allowing the body to cope with stress better.

Difficulty Chewing

Some people suffering from TMJ disorders have trouble chewing. Not only can difficulty chewing cause discomfort or pain, but it can also limit the types of food a person can eat and decrease their quality of life. Pain and excessive muscle tension can restrict jaw movement. Restricted movement of the joints can only be resolved by determining the underlying cause of the dysfunction. Most often, difficulty chewing is due to joint dysfunction that a chiropractor can correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can chiropractic in Omaha, NE help with TMJ?

Yes! There are many natural options that can address TMJ symptoms without resorting to drugs, surgeries, or other invasive treatments. Chiropractic care offers many benefits to patients suffering from TMJ.

How do you permanently fix TMJ?

The first step to finding a permanent solution to TMJ symptoms is identifying the root cause of the pain and dysfunction. If the cause of your TMJ is misalignments of the jaw and neck, then specific chiropractic adjustments can help to realign the affected bones and provide relief from TMJ symptoms.

Can you fix TMJ without surgery?

Chiropractic adjustments provide a missing link for many TMJ sufferers who seek pain relief without using powerful medications and invasive surgery. Surgery is typically reserved as a last resort if conservative measures fail.

Is TMJ a medical or dental problem?

There can be many sources of TMJ pain, so it is crucial to investigate all potential causes. Pain medications are often prescribed after serious health conditions are ruled out by a medical doctor. Dental work is usually performed when a TMJ patient visits a dental office, and mouth appliances are prescribed to alter your bite.

Book Your First TMJ Pain Exam

Exam includes in-depth whole-body analysis with provider, posture pictures and insight nervous system scans (provided if necessary). Consultation & plan of action will help you understand your care options.

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