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Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

We completely understand why a new patient would desire to receive care on their first visit. After all, you are coming in with an issue that you want resolved as soon as possible.

We never want to guess how, when, and where to adjust your spine. This is why we have an extensive and thorough new patient process to gather all the data necessary to find out exactly what is going on. The doctors then take dedicated time to analyze this data and put together a report of findings.

So, typically no adjustments are done on your first visit, but once the doctors determine you are eligible for care and we can help you, that can begin immediately at a follow up appointment (as soon as the next day). We take great pride in providing the highest level of care possible and guessing on that first day without any proper data would be doing a disservice to our patients.

Will an adjustment hurt?

We have taken care of newborns, great-great-grandmas and grandpas, and everyone in between.  We have patients who have been under regular care with us for over a decade, we can let that speak for itself regarding if an adjustment hurts.

Our goal is to bring you relief and a chiropractic adjustment to return the spine to a healthy position is our best tool to provide natural pain relief.  New patients that haven’t been adjusted or have gone several months since being adjusted may get a bit sore after their initial adjustments, but this is completely normal and many times expected. There are a lot of ligaments and muscles adjacent to the areas being adjusted and the soreness is no different than if you went a long time without exercise.  After that first strenuous exercise back you would be sore the next day. This is temporary and as your body gets use to it, the soreness goes away.

Can my spouse come to my appointment with me?

Absolutely! Quite honestly, any new patients that have a spouse/partner who are involved with their healthcare decisions, we highly recommend they join you for the entire process. This allows our doctors to explain everything to both you and your them and make certain there are no lingering questions about anything. This is much easier for our new patients with a spouse/partner because they don’t then have the burden of trying to re-explain everything from their appointment(s).

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