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Correcting Communication Roadblocks

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Did you ever play the telephone game when you were younger?

Several people line up and attempt to pass a message from one person to the next. Even if everyone tries their hardest, it’s likely that the message that reaches the final person in line is quite different from the original message. Perhaps a portion of the original message made it through. Maybe it ended up being completely different. Usually, the result is hilarious, and everyone gets a good laugh.

The game of telephone is actually a great way to understand what it is like for your body to function when you are subluxated. Misalignments in your spine put pressure on your nervous system and cause a breakdown of communication within your body. The messages from your brain get sent to your organs to tell them how to function, but they get distorted because of the effects of the misalignments. Sometimes this means the messages are slowed down and can’t reach their destination as quickly as needed. Some messages may be unclear because they got distorted along the way. The strength of the message can be diminished because it loses intensity while traveling from the brain.

The best thing about chiropractic is that adjustments work to remove the communication roadblocks. Messages can be faster, stronger, and clearer because they have a path free from interference. When there’s no interference, your body is able to function the way it was designed, and you can experience HEALTH and LIFE to its fullest potential.

If you’re already under chiropractic care, stick to your regular adjustment schedule to get the best possible results. If you’ve never been checked by a chiropractor (or if it has been a while since your last adjustment), Click Here to schedule an appointment with our office to have a subluxation checkup with one of our doctors.

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Now is the time to make a commitment to keeping the lines of communication clear and make sure you’ll always be ready to win the telephone game!

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