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The Secret to a Better Golf Game In West Omaha, NE

The Secret to a Better Golf Game | Pediatric Chiropractor in West Omaha, NE

Golf posture. That’s what we’ll be talking about, Hey there, I’m Dr. Jeremiah Sample and with me is my son Frederick. As a competitive golfer himself, or maybe just a recreational golfer, one thing we want to look for when we’re golfing with our children is to ensure that they keep proper postures throughout.

Maintaining a Neutral Spine in Posture

Now many of us know folks on the golf course already that have bad habits. This video is not addressing your 40 year old swing and how you hold your club. This is about the next generation. Now, ideally, when he sets up in a swing, what we want to think about is having the head above the shoulders above the hips, alright, maintaining a neutral spine, such as this will help keep a consistent swing and prevent him from tiring out as the round goes on. Because if you have a breakdown, what happens is you get lazy throughout and really start to round. Now this changes, not only the flight of the golf club will also change the amount of scores that he puts on the scorecard.

Proper Spine Alignment for Better Putting

Now a place where this is really evident is with putting, making sure that your child has a proper alignment in the spine to get a good, nice solid good putting posture over your bowl. Ideally, this is something that then he could keep doing throughout the round without having to change it because he always knows the set position and you’ll help keep them healthier as he plays. Now, what people tend to do is they get lazier as the round goes on. So instead of starting out, he didn’t hold one. If you could imagine how he is at whole nine or 12 or 15 really starts to round bend over the ball. What this does, it breaks down fibers in the thoracic spine starts to stress the lumbar spine, and causes not only the change in the path of the putter, but also again, the amount of strokes put down. Okay, so maintaining that neutral spine like we talked about before, from beginning to the end, will help keep his head above sorry, it’s just like the real course. So if you didn’t actually hit the ball and I had to count it. Maintaining this spine throughout will help keep a more consistent game for your child and allow them to enjoy the game for years to come. And a good way that we do to start out as we just get nice and loose with our feet shoulder width apart. Be ready with our club just in front of us almost like a sword. And then hinging forward keeping our head and neck in alignment with our shoulders and our hips. Julie knees at the range or before you go out on the first tee is a good way to remind yourself, especially when we have those breaks of maybe slow play in front of us which we never run into right.

If you have questions about your child’s sports posture, or how to keep a better spine throughout their golf game so that they can continue to play this game for years to come. Please comment below and we’ll reach out to you!

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