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Natural Headache Relief With Chiropractic Care in West Omaha, NE

By November 27, 2022November 29th, 2022No Comments

Natural Headache Relief With Chiropractic Care | Chiropractor for Headaches in West Omaha, NE

Hi, I’m Dr. Joel Marley with family first chiropractic. And I am here to answer your question about how chiropractic helps with headaches, all types. Let me explain.

So the purpose of your spine is to protect your central nervous system. Just like the wires in your home, controlling your appliances. Your wiring is what controls your function, organs, tissues, your whole body. Now, spinal misalignments called subluxation, create nerve irritation due to the inflammation inside your intervertebral disk. That creates pressure on the nerve that you perceive for pain of all types, whether it’s getting hit with a hammer, or whether it’s a migraine headache, there has to be pressure on a nerve, at some point, there has to be an inflammation component. So inflammation in your intervertebral disk.

Blocks, traps irritates nerves, and can be the cause of your headaches. According to the Journal of Occupational trauma, headaches are more frequently caused from spinal stress than any other condition. So in our office, we use X ray as one of the five objective criteria to determine subluxation. Now, if we take an x ray, the purpose of an x ray is to confirm subluxation which bone to move, but also which direction to move it if we know that a bone out of place, move, for example, to the right, and we know that an adjustment to left would help restore proper nerve supply. And if it’s the cause of headaches, tension headaches and and or headaches and frontal headaches, then health will be restored and headaches resolved. That’s how we get great results with migraine headaches. I’m going to demonstrate.

So if we knew that a bone was moved out of place from right to left, then we’re going to be delivering a specific Gonstead adjustment from right to left to restore function that’s demonstrated as this done by hand, gentle force directing pressure through the intervertebral disk plain line to help this patient’s body work better thus once again, less headaches.

Over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures according to the Canadian Family Physicians journal. If you’re a headache sufferer if you know someone that suffering with headaches, you have questions, comment below!

Family First Chiropractic

It’s different here. That is something we hear often at Family First Chiropractic, and we take pride in the fact that we are different from many chiropractic offices you may have been in. That certainly doesn’t mean we are the right fit for everyone, but here at Family First Chiropractic, we make an effort to help you know if we are the right fit for you.

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