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Natural Ear Infection Relief In West Omaha, NE

Natural Ear Infection Relief | Pediatric Chiropractor in West Omaha, NE

Hey there, Dr. Jeremiah Sample and this is my daughter Evelyn. And we’re here today Family First Chiropractic to talk to you about ear infections in children.

Many of us experience this with our own kids when they’re younger, it’s not uncommon for them to have multiple ear infections. Unfortunately, the most recognized ways to deal with this include tubes or antibiotics. However, if you’re having repeated exposures, and coming down with this issue, over time, they’re going to become less effective, or you have to have multiple surgeries with the tubes.

Common Cause of Ear Infections in Children

Now, there’s a mechanism for why this happens so much in children rather than adults. So as everyone turns their head slightly like you, there’s a tube called an Eustachian tube that connects the nasal to the inner ear, and it drains down the back of the throat. Now, as adults as their skull grows, it points much more down towards the nasal makes it easier to drain. Now as children, it’s much more horizontal. So then the nasal instead of draining down the back of the throat like it should or through the sinuses tends to clog up into the ear.

Subluxations can Cause Blockages

Now, as chiropractors the first thing that we look for is there a subluxation or misalignment of one of the upper cervical bones that would cause this blockage of the drainage to occur and make it more likely for them to have an infection in the air turn this way. So, what we do is we check for subluxation utilizing our scope to see if we have areas of inflammation and Evelyn is showing in her upper cervical inflammation or a hotspot lies temperature gauge to check from side to side and it shows on the left side here that actually it is cooler than a right by about two degrees. Now when the Atlas moves on the kondiles decides that has moved towards will be warmer or I’m sorry that has moved towards will be cooler than the other side. Utilizing palpation I can tell if there is fixation in her upper cervical spine that will require an adjustment that will relieve the pressure here against your ears and clear up that istation do to allow for proper drainage. Real relax Okay, adjustments Simple as that can unblock the tube, allow for more drainage and help eliminate your infections in your children.

At Home Exercise to Help Reduce Ear Infections

Simple at home exercises well that you can utilize for yourself is by taking the thumb along the back of the ear until it meets the jaw. Once you get to here, what you’re gonna do is draw straight down towards the collarbone. Can you feel that drain that motion, alright, child can even do that themselves with light pressure behind the ear to get to the jaw line, then straight down towards the collarbone. Repeating this 10 to 15 times will help relieve some of the pressure that builds up. And by getting yourself check you can help keep your children and your family healthy.

If you have questions about ear infections in your family, or with a loved one or somebody you know, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you

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