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Feeling Better With Chiropractic Care, One Patient’s Journey

Have you ever talked to someone who said they “don’t believe in chiropractic”? That’s something we frequently hear at Family First Chiropractic!

Buying-in to the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are a lot of people that don’t understand the benefits that chiropractic care can offer. Maybe it’s because they don’t know about the nervous system and the role proper spinal alignment plays in ensuring the body’s ability to work correctly. Perhaps they had a less-than-positive experience at another chiropractic office, and that tainted their perception of chiropractic care. Some people just like to see proof before they’re willing to fully “buy in” to an idea contrary to what they were taught and always believed.

Feeling Better With Chiropractic Care – Feeling IS Believing

We recently had a patient who shared his chiropractic story with us and confessed that even after two years of regular chiropractic adjustments, he’s still a bit skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic care. But he admits that there really isn’t another explanation for some of the changes he’s seen since he started getting adjusted, so maybe, just maybe, chiropractic might have played a role in his better health.

Here is Joey’s story:

Joey’s Chiropractic Care Story

My name is Joey, and I am currently 27 years old. I have been coming to FFC for about two years and started due to my in-laws encouraging me to give it a shot. I have always been skeptical about chiropractic care and cannot say that I am 100% convinced at this point, however, when people ask, this is what I tell them.

Growing up, I was notorious for getting sick multiple times a year. It was never a severe sickness, but when I did get sick, it would go to my lungs and eventually lead to a sinus infection. To get over the infection, I would need antibiotics. I would average 1-2 sinus infections every year for nearly 5-10 years; it was something I would expect anytime I got a tickle in my throat. Upon my first visit I was asked what I wanted to achieve after coming to FFC. I read that chiropractic could help improve sinus infections, so that was a significant goal of care. Sticking to my appointments and trying my best not to deviate from the schedule, I did not notice until a couple of months ago that I could not remember the last time I had a sinus infection. When talking to Dr. Joel, he asked me how my sinus infections were going, and I told him that I could not remember the last time I got one. Upon further thinking, I guessed it had been at least two years since my last sinus infection, and that is when he said I started coming to FFC two years ago.

Over the holiday season, I caught a cold on New Year’s Day that I was 100% certain would transition into a sinus infection. Luckily it never did, and I was over my cold within four days which normally would last around two weeks. I am not certain that chiropractic care is the direct reason for this improvement, but I cannot think of anything else I have changed over the past two years that could cause this. I would like to thank my wife and in-laws for introducing me to Family First Chiropractic and the whole FFC family for making me feel welcome from day one!

Chiropractic Care to Help You Feel Your Best

Whether you’re a bit of a skeptic like Joey, or you’re a lifelong chiropractic patient, we’d love an opportunity to help you learn about our office and how we might be able to support you on your journey toward optimal health. Ask a question in the chat box, and check out all the great information about the Gonstead Chiropractic Care we specialize in here at Family First Chiropractic. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Family First Chiropractic

It’s different here. That is something we hear often at Family First Chiropractic, and we take pride in the fact that we are different from many chiropractic offices you may have been in. That certainly doesn’t mean we are the right fit for everyone, but here at Family First Chiropractic, we make an effort to help you know if we are the right fit for you.

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