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Exercises for Headache Relief in West Omaha, NE

By November 27, 2022November 29th, 2022No Comments

Home Exercises for Headache Relief | Chiropractor for Headaches in West Omaha, NE

Hey there. I’m Dr. Jeremiah Sample from Family First chiropractic. And today I’m going to go over some simple exercises that you can utilize at work or at the home to help with the most common type of headaches experienced by adults today. And that’s the tension headache.

First thing we’re working on, it’s called a shoulder retraction. It’ll help properly set your shoulders where they should be with your frame. So you bring your shoulders as high as you can towards your ears. Hold that for two Mississippi, then we’re bringing back as far as we can, while keeping them out with it, another two seconds, and then just let them fall naturally. That puts them in the spot where they’re supposed to be located.

Now, the second exercise we’ll add to this, it’s called the chin tuck. The chin tuck, you’re going to keep your shoulders where they should be. Put your head on straight, and then slide your chin back. What this is going to do is create that double chin that you’re always trying to avoid in photos. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. You’ll feel that stretch in the posterior the back of your neck here, that’s helping to relieve the tension on those tissues.

Add into that, what we call ahead forwards so we set our shoulders, do our chin tuck. And now keeping our head stationary. Straight on, we’re gonna push into our hands for 10 seconds in all four directions. So to the side, do the rear and then forward. All right, you complete this 10 seconds each side for two repetitions.

And then finally, while keeping our head straight and chin talking, shoulders retracted, we’re gonna do head turns. So set our shoulders, tuck our chin. Now completely turn the head to the side as far as you can, with normal range of motion for 10 seconds. Get back to the midline. Take a pause. Now turn the other way for 10 seconds. Repeat this two to three times throughout the day.

If you have further questions about what exercises may be right for you, or what you can do about your headaches phase, I encourage you to comment below and we’ll reach out to you!

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