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Avoiding Back Pain While Pregnant In West Omaha, NE

Avoiding Back Pain While Pregnant | Prenatal Chiropractor in West Omaha, NE

Hi there. I’m Dr. Jeremiah Sample. And I’m joined here with Joanne. And we’re from Family First Chiropractic. And what we’re going to do today is talk about different activities of daily life, and how to deal with them when you’re pregnant.

Now, we’re going to go through just basics of something like folding laundry, for instance, right? Where that is not how I fold my shirts, well, then you you can just do it yourself then. Okay, so what I want to do is just reach in, but again, anytime that you hinge at the low back, when you’ve got more forward carry, what it’s going to do is it loads up pressure on the lower discs, more likely for herniation than that what people would call me call sciatica, where it hits any of those nerves between L-2 and S-2 that just shoots down your leg, we want to avoid that. So instead of bending forward, I’m going again, take my seat like I did before now watching as I turn, because turning too fast or turning too much in the same direction over time is going to cause damage as well. So it does make for a little shelf here see your clothes. Right. Now as I fold the laundry, what I want to remember too is where am I going to put this so that when I get up, it’s going to be in a convenient location because it’s got to go somewhere. Or imagine I don’t want to store laundry on my couch. Although anybody with one or more kids has obviously folded laundry before and stored it on their couch.

All right, so now we’re just gonna pretend that of the shirt isn’t in there, because I don’t want to fold anymore laundry. Alright, as I get up, you got two choices, you either have the laundry with you when you get up, or you’ll have to get back down and retrieve it a second time. And the more bending over that you do, the more likely you’re gonna cause strain on the low back and on the musculature there. So I’m going to secure the laundry with me. And then once again, get in good positioning so that my feet are underneath me, so I can drive up and utilize those large muscle groups to save my low back. And there we go. Now you gotta go put it away. We’ll store it here. All right. Now? The thing is, well, I have have three kids, you have two kids. The good thing is once you’re pregnant, though, you don’t have to play with the other kids, they take care of themselves. So that’s not how that works. No, they want you to do all the same thing. So we have to go play with a kid while we’re 36 weeks pregnant, sitting on the floor.

So yeah, time for some play. So, most toddlers, they have a lot of floor time, things such as puzzles, things stimulate the brain, great for children. So we’re going to put together a puzzle here. So now getting back down to the floor and thinking about staying on the floor for an experienced extended period of time. Again, instead of just leaning forward and falling down, which is what my body pretty much wants to do at this stage. We’ll leave that squat down and get to our knee again. And as I sit back, I can complete rest here for a while, but I can already feel this is gonna affect my feet start to hurt my legs and things are gonna go numb within a few minutes. Right? So I’m gonna get you a seated posture that I’m gonna get back up from eventually, right, I’m playing with toys, remember that? The same thing was we talked about folding laundry or putting on the ornaments, you have to watch which way you’re bending which way you’re going because small strains that you will do to your back will compound over time, especially if you haven’t been currently getting checked by a chiropractor. These things will tend to compound on themselves. So eventually, it’s gonna get so bad that you won’t be able to do these activities anymore.

So we’re going to build building here with Joan. There we go. Billy is great. All right. This is as much play time as I have in me right now. Or doing some other activity for instance, we could read from Dylan’s favorite book jealous payment look over here to get let’s see. Yeah. Well adjusted babies. By Dr. Jennifer Floriana. Really pictures wonderful food nutrition for you and your unborn baby. Plenty of great resources that we contain here in our lending library for people to check out and utilize for themselves and for their loved ones. Keep them well informed. Alright, so getting up you can either like prop off of your child and push down, which is my first inclination but going From seated now to a full standing, we’re going to have to think about doing several steps. Alright, there’s not just a pop straight up. So what I’m going to do is come back towards that kneeling stance as I was before, almost to a full figure for right. Now from here, I can bring another leg up. Right now we’re in the same stance like we were before, for utilizing the Christmas ornaments or from just getting out from the ground. So I’m gonna do that again. utilize those large muscles pushing off and upright. Yes, and I can officially play with children for about 72 seconds.

All right, for more tips on how to have better posture and things you can do for your pregnancy or how to talk about low back pain or better strategies while you’re pregnant. Or for you or your loved ones. Please comment below and we will reach out to you. From everyone here at Family First Chiropractic. Thank you very much!

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